Technology Services

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Engineering CAD/CAM

Have an idea, but its still on a napkin?  Or maybe an example part, however no idea how to make it? NO PROBLEM, we can easily take your project from idea to conception using our CAD Software (Computer Aided Design) and set it up for production using our CAM Software (Computer Aided Manufacturing) and get your project delivered!

CAD Drawings

CAD 3D Models in all formats


Toolpaths for manufacturing


3-D Printing 

Since adding 3-D printing capability, we have been constantly surprised at how useful it is.  We have used it to create tools, fixtures, holders, models, soft-jaws, prototypes, measuring devices, etc.   We are capable of printing in the following materials:

-Onyx Nylon

-Carbon Fiber



-HSHT (High-Strength High-Temperature Fibrerglass)

With the carbon fiber infused plastic, we are able to achieve a material that is similar in strength to Aluminum.  

Laser Scanning Reverse Engineering

We can easily take complex parts, and quickly create 3D parametric models that can be then used to create parts.  This technology is very useful, especially with complex parts that don't have good measuring datums for conventional methods.  While it does have some restraints only measuring accurately within +/- .003" of an inch.  Even with the limitations, this valuable tool creates incredible results.