CNC Machining

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5-Axis and 3-Axis Milling

We utilize both 5-Axis and 3-Axis CNC Milling Machines.  These machines allow us to quickly and accurately remove material to create your parts.

5-Axis allows us to machine five sides of a part in one setup. (Thinking in terms of a theoretical cube with 6 sides)

5-Axis work envelope up to 30"x30"x20"

3-Axis work envelope up to 40"x16"x20"

Lathe Turning with Sub-Spindle and Live Tools

We are able to produce complex parts using our state-of-art lathe with all the bells and whistles

-Sub-Spindle allows us to make parts in one setup, saving us time and you money.

-Live Tools means we can not only turn your parts, but also mill, drill, tap, etc, all on one machine; making complex parts a breeze. 

-Y-Axis allows us to easily machine "off-center" details with live tools

Lathe work envelope up to 14" in diameter, and 31" in length, and thru bore up to 3.25". 

Swiss-Turn Machining with B-Axis

Our high-capacity Swiss-Style Lathes allow us to make small complex parts in big quanties quickly.  These machines utilize technology designed for both speed and reliability.  With the B-Axis capability we can perform both turning and multi-axis milling on parts in a single operation.  These machines utilize two spindles at once, working on both the "front" and the "back" sides of the part simultaneously.

Swiss-Turn work envelope up to 38 mm (1.5") with B-Axis.